• CaravanFest 2024

    May 3-5, 2024
    Vanamõisa Caravan Park, Estonia
    CaravanFest 2024

    CaravanFest caravan fair

    CaravanFest made its exciting debut in 2023, marking the very first special caravan fair in the Baltics! We’re thrilled to share that CaravanFest is set to return in 2024. The fair takes place in Vanamõisa Caravan Park near Tallinn, Estonia, and brings together sellers and renters of motorhomes and caravans, suppliers of accessories, equipment, and services, sellers of mini houses, suppliers of camping equipment, different travel industry companies and organizations, and caravan tourism enthusiasts and hobbyists. On Saturday, May 4 we’ll bring to you various lectures introducing caravan tourism.

    As part of the caravan fair, there will also be a large meetup of caravan tourists called CaravanTreff, where we welcome not only domestic participants but also guests from abroad.

    More info: https://www.caravanfest.ee/en