Experience the Future of Camping with Forma Campers

Forma Campers offers innovative camper designs that combine the best of the RV and automotive industries. Explore the freedom of the open road in style and comfort.

Why Forma?

Forma Campers’ design stands out from the RV industry with its exceptional features and benefits. Our team has blended the best of automotive industry design trends to create a camper that is truly unique. Experience the future of travel with Forma Campers.

Lightweight body
Flawless composite panel with a 1mm aluminum shell and superior insulation, perfected through a specialized pressing and thermal curing process.
Exclusive interior
Spacious cabin with full-size mattress. LED lighting, in-built charging slots and K-array sound system. Webasto heating system. Blinders and mosquito nets.
Amazing kitchen
High quality kitchen cabinets, stainless steel countertop and sink with fresh water tap. Kitchen can be equipped with a fridge and gas stove.
Easy entrance
Wide easy to enter door and panoramic view from cabin.

Lightweight Camper, Reduced Costs

Being one of the lightest in class, offering the most out of the small space, Forma Camper is designed to drive, feel and look excellent.

Luxurious and
Comfortable Interiors

Experience the ultimate comfort with our thoughtfully designed interiors that prioritize relaxation and convenience.

Efficient and Sustainable Technology

Our campers are equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

Explore Forma

Discover our stunning camper in action

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It all started with…

Forma Campers is the result of a 25-year-long friendship and a shared passion for nature adventures.

Since their early years, friends Mārtiņš and Kārlis have been driven by an unyielding desire to innovate and create.

In March 2021, they ventured into Forma Campers with the aim of designing a camper that could elegantly and contemporarily fulfill all its designated functions.

Mārtiņš Kokins

An engineer with a sense of design who values order in things. An experienced motorcycle traveler who understands the nuances of equipment and its importance in every journey. Mārtiņš consistently adheres to the principle of “minimalism” by choosing to bring only what is absolutely essential rather than carrying the bare minimum.

Kārlis Puriņš

Designer whose creative work is fuelled by unwavering empathy and care for enviroment. Beyond design, he finds exhilaration in windsurfing and exploring the raw beauty of nature. However, even amidst thrill-seeking, Kārlis never forgets about comfort and safety of those around him, especially when embarking on family adventures.

Say hello to your new travel buddy